Exclusive services


Sira Industrie is the only company in its sector a guarantee products for 20 years (Bimetal series) and 15 years (die-cast and extruded series). All the competition limits the maximum guarantee to 10 years. This prerogative substantially differentiates the qualitative perception of Sira Industrie products from all the others and identifies the priority given by the company to the quality of its own product range.

On the line Heated towel rails Sira Industrie offers a 2-year warranty.

In addition, Sira Industrie is assisted worldwide by ALL-RISK insurance policies which compensate anyone who complains of damage to structures, people or things resulting from the faulty operation of the products. This tool aims to get the full quality of the Sira Industrie service at hand.


Sira Industrie really assists its customers who need a service after sale, these are the most significant points:

  • ALL-RISK insurance
  • Online technical assistance
  • Instruction and guarantee booklets complete with all information in multiple languages, inside each product package
  • Possibility of conversing directly with the company, even in unusual or rare languages: Russian and Chinese first
  • Comprehensive assistance in the event of product functioning problems, thanks to the agreement with its distributors in the area
  • Immediate replacement of products deemed defective, even before the technical assessment.


Sira Industrie has the necessary productive flexibility to be able to accept requests for customization on its products and / or related packaging, also with its own brand. This allows the distributor different commercial options that can favor it in sales volumes, in margins or in image consistency within its own reference market.

In cases that are considered suitable and that depend largely on the expected volumes, Sira Industrie can even build products based on a design or indication of the distributor, developing its specific "desires". Once again, the market asks, Sira Industrie responds.