Electric radiators



Electron is the brand new line of Sira electric radiators, with innovative technology and high performance. Sira electric radiators use armored electric resistors, integrally melted in aluminum finned sections. This system allows for optimal thermal conductivity and precise heat regulation which guarantee:

  • Energy saving and reduction of costs in the 20% bill compared to traditional systems.
  • Comfort at the highest levels, thanks to the modularity of operation.
  • Uniform heat over the entire surface of the radiator, with a consequent reduction in the risk of burns due to contact.
  • Lightness and consequent practicality of transport, thanks to the almost complete use of aluminum parts.
  • Exclusive, patented and instant wall mounting and fixing system.

A worldwide patent covers the exclusive technology of the new Electron line, constantly expanding towards a wide range of products with innovative shapes and high performance.