ENGINEERING DIVISION: the division of SIRA INDUSTRIE specializing in the localization, conception, design and construction of turnkey production plants and commercial units for companies in the sector and not, in different countries of the world.

The ENGINEERING DIVISION of SIRA INDUSTRIE, was born from a market demand, from a deep shared and recognized entrepreneurial credibility and from a deep-seated know-how - after several successful cases - that distinguish the management of SIRA INDUSTRIE.

Every single project is developed through various phases of knowledge and exchange of information, and is tailor made according to the specific requirements of the customer, like a properly fitting dress or identity.

Each project is therefore unique and inimitable, while its realization can be summarized in the following different phases (but not limited to them):

  •  overall assistance on the project (location of the plant; assistance with local institutions);
  • assistance in the research for a suitable land for the intended purposes;
  •  assistance in the negotiation of the conditions for the acquisition of land use rights;
  • assistance for the construction project (identification and negotiation of and with the operational parts necessary for the realization of the building: from the job specifications, to the tender for the construction of the building, up to the final execution of the work);
  • assistance for finding suppliers of plants and machines necessary for the realization of the project (up to their installation and testing);
  • assistance for other activities necessary for the industrial start-up (and different specifications required by the specific project).

Sharing our knowledge in thinking, imagining, and building, up to realizing new entrepreneurial realities in the world, is an enterprise of the mature age of the SIRA INDUSTRIE group and is realized through the new structure of the ENGINEERING DIVISION.