Sira Industrie - Die cast Division

DIE CASTING DIVISION: the division of SIRA INDUSTRIE specialized in die casting of aluminium alloys, in the construction of die casting dies, in the connected machining of castings and assembly of components.

The DIE CASTING DIVISION allows SIRA INDUSTRIE to provide an increasingly advanced and demanding market with total quality and reduced time needed for product development.

Quattro poli produttivi consentono oggi a DIE CASTING DIVISION di sfruttare gli oltre 60 anni di saper fare del gruppo SIRA INDUSTRIE, a costituire un attuale esempio di multinazionale che progetta, costruisce, pre assembla, immagazzina e poi consegna, getti in pressocolata a Clienti in tutto il mondo.

The production of die casting parts, takes place indifferently in one or the other production plant of the group: the synergies between plants, the deep knowledge of the technologies used and the economic and financial solidity, allow the DIE CASTING DIVISION of SIRA INDUSTRIE, to offer integrated solutions for advanced die casting.


  • to respond to the needs of the customer through total management of all the different activities concerning the single project: the Customer first of all;
  • to achieve and maintain the best performance in the production of die casting parts and in the relevant machining process, including assembly: economic and financial reliability built up over time;
  • to maintain its original production flexibility: strategic location of the production sites, with equivalent internal production;
  • achieving and maintaining the best know-how on the market in the design and production of die-casting molds for light alloys: Quality has absolute priority;
  • to keep the innovative technologies used constantly updated;
  • Employee retention: constant improvement of operators skills and compliance with safety standards in the working environment;
  • to continue to certify the relationship of trust with customers all over the world, through our work and single operational performances.

Principles and Values

The corporate policy of SIRA INDUSTRIE DIE CASTING DIVISION focuses on the continuous improvement of its performance, to continue to guarantee the customer an innovative, precise and competitive industrial project.

The DIE CASTING DIVISION of SIRA INDUSTRIE assists the Customer in all the phases of the common production experience, thanks to the unique know-how acquired in many years of experience, together with highly qualified personnel ready to provide immediate and concrete answers to specific production requirements.

Our 3 main priciples:

  • Energy efficiency for this purpose, EMILPRESS, SIRPRESS & SAI undertakes to apply and maintain an ISO 50001 Energy Management System which favors a systematic approach to efficient energy management, maintaining active procedures and work instructions aimed at reducing and guaranteeing the virtuous use of energy
  • Reduced environmental impact for this purpose, EMILPRESS, SIRPRESS & SAI undertakes to apply and maintain an ISO 14001 Environmental Management System which favors a systematic approach to reducing the environmental impact of its products and activities, maintaining active procedures and work instructions aimed at reducing the organization's CO2 emissions and preventing accidental environmental pollution phenomena.
  • Procurement and design EMILPRESS, SIRPRESS &t SAI undertakes to purchase energy efficient and low environmental impact products and services that maintain the quality standards guaranteed to the customer, and to support design activities that aim to improve energy performance, quality standards and reduce the environmental impact of processes


High Quality Processes and Products is the watchword and constant mantra of SIRA INDUSTRIE DIE CASTING DIVISION, certifiable by the most important global certifications and by satisfying the criteria of strict final product audits, performed by our best customers.