Comparing technologies


Until about 1960, the radiators were made of steel or cast iron and were heavy and impractical in many respects. In 1961 Sira Industrie registered the revolutionary worldwide patent for the aluminum and steel radiator (Bimetal), whose merits are immediately appreciated by the market.

The success of aluminum radiators over the years confirms the potential and the concrete advantages of heating with aluminum radiators.

The advantages of aluminum radiators are:

  • exceptional conductivity, very low thermal inertia and high degree of heat exchange
  • they allow a considerable energy saving because the aluminum reacts very quickly to temperature variations
  • It is environmentally friendly because the aluminum is a 100% recyclable material
  • they are particularly light, therefore also very practical and simple to install
  • unalterable to external agents


The patented Bimetal technology combines the advantages of the steel used in the core with the advantages of the aluminum used for the external surface. The closed steel circuit guarantees robustness and neutrality from the potential corrosive force of the water contained in the heating system, total no maintenance and a duration even greater than that of traditional cast iron radiators.


The electric radiator offers a valid and convenient alternative to traditional radiators: thanks to the extreme easy installation in environments and to the total no maintenance requiredand, it is the ideal solution for second homes, non-heated dwellings at origin or equipped with undersized systems. It is also particularly convenient if used in heating systems powered by renewable energy sources (such as, for example, photovoltaic panels), in particular where incentives apply to their use.