Exclusive services


Sira Industrie is the only Company in the sector to guarantee its products for 20 years (Bimetal series) and 15 years (die-cast series).

This prerogative substantially differentiates Sira Industrie products and demonstrates the priority given by the company to the quality of its production.

For further peace of mind for its customers, Sira Industrie is assisted all over the world by ALL-RISK insurance policies.


Sira Industrie concretely assists its customers who need an after-sales service, through:

  • Online technical assistance
  • Instruction and guarantee booklets complete with all information in multiple languages, inside each product package
  • Ability to converse directly with the Company, in the most popular languages
  • Complete assistance in case of product functioning problems
  • Immediate replacement of any defective products, even before the technical report.


Sira Industrie has resources that are able to accommodate requests for customization on its products and / or packaging, allowing its customers numerous options that can favor them on the market.

In special cases, Sira Industrie can also carry out projects of new models dedicated to a specific customer.

The market asks, Sira Industrie answers!