Quality Control and Certifications

The DIE CASTING DIVISION of SIRA INDUSTRIE constantly invests in technologies to guarantee an effective Quality Management System. It has, in fact, a wide and modern range of instruments dedicated to tests and checks.

These are the main instruments present in the production sites:

  • 3 Bosello X-Ray machines;
  • 1 X CUBE X-Ray machine;
  • 1 ZEISS ACCURA 2 measuring machine;
  • 2 EXAGON measuring machines;
  • ROMER laser scanner;
  • Q-Das software for statistical analysis;
  • INSTRON Tools for calculating casting elongation and breakage;
  • 2 Durometers;
  • Microstructure analysis;
  • Density Index measurement Systems;
  • Wild M50 microscope;
  • Automatic Inspection Systems with Penetrating Liquids.



Over the years, the DIE CASTING DIVISION of SIRA INDUSTRIE has achieved a continuous improvement in quality, reliability of the product and in die casting production processes.

DIE CASTING DIVISION of SIRA INDUSTRIE has reached the standards required by the following certifications:

Certifications Sirpress

Certifications Emilpress

Certificazioni Sira Tiianjin Aluminum Products Co. Ltd: