Services and technologies

The DIE CASTING DIVISION production facilities of SIRA INDUSTRIE are specialized in the production of die-casting parts for the mechanical sector (automotive and motorcycle), as well as for the construction and medical sector.

In particular the DIE CASTING DIVISION of SIRA INDUSTRIE deals with:

  • consultancy in the engineering of the product to be produced in die-casting;
  • design and manufacture of die-casting dies with filling simulation, software Piq2;
  • high quality aluminium die-castings, raw or machined, both in small and in large series;
  • realization of die-casting parts machined according to the drawing with high dimensional accuracy;;
  • production of aluminium die castings, with very complex shapes and wall thickness less than 1.5 mm;
  • precision machining; use of the best technologies on the market;
  • Degree of finishing: sandblasting, tumbling, brightening, phosphochromatising, painting, anodizing, passivation, cataphoresis, brushing, chroming, polishing, hard oxidation treatments, teflon coating;
  • impregnation with resins to guarantee tightness even at high temperatures (700 ° C) higher than the melting point of aluminium;
  • analysis and control of processes during all phases of the production cycle;
  • pre-assembly of components and packaging;
  • short, medium and long term logistics and storage services.

The production plants of the DIE CASTING DIVISION of SIRA INDUSTRIE are standardized for their composition and automation. The production equipment consists of a total of 49 die casting machines with a locking force ranging from 250 tons to 3500 tons, thus covering a wide range of products, both small and large. The constant monitoring through automated systems and qualified personnel ensures thehigh quality of each single part. Process automation and organizational efficiency allow the DIE CASTING DIVISION of SIRA INDUSTRIE to offer high-quality products and fast deliveries on a large scale.

Here beside is a photogallery of some die-cast products made by DIE CASTING DIVISION of SIRA INDUSTRIE.