IPS Pasotti Radiators

Pasotti radiators are the result of a great industrial history founded over 50 years ago. They are a perfect combination of performance, design, functionality and safety, enjoyed in 25 countries around the world for their quality and their flawless finish.

Within a few years Pasotti radiators imposed themselves in the international market both for the constant technological research applied to the sector and the modern and functional design, further to high performances and excellent quality. Thanks to extensive studies and experiments, the production system has gradually achieved a growing level of automation in processes and controls, up to a technological excellence. At the same time, a constant product research led to new models with even more optimized designs, searching for the best balance between aesthetics and thermodynamic functionality.

With the recent entry of Pasotti brand into the multinational Sira Industrie Group, the know-how of an entire industrial sector has reached the summit of made in Italy excellence!

Today, the brand Pasotti proposes itself in the overall market with a line of new products which are entirely designed and manufactured in Italy, with a capillary commercial network and a renewed institutional communication, in order to maximize a great industrial story that was born 50 years.