IPS Pasotti Quality and Controls


Pasotti heating radiators have imposed themselves to international levels for the quality of raw materials and components, for the continuous quality control in the entire production cycle, for the high-tech systems used in production, for the modern and appealing designs and for the advanced thermodynamic performances.

The undisputed value of Pasotti radiators is confirmed by numerous tests carried out by the most important European and international institutions for approval, monitoring and quality assurance certification.

Each Pasotti product that is manufactured in Prevalle (Brescia) - a plant that was specifically dedicated to the production of radiators- is subject to extensive controls of hydraulic seal, resistance and precision of mechanical working, structural resistance to pressure in order to constantly check the respect of the set quality standard, right from the beginning of the production process.


Industrie Pasotti only uses high quality alloy to produce Die-cast aluminium radiators. Alloy is carefully ed and constantly tested with systematic checks. Aluminium is, then, subject to further specific metallurgical processes in order to eliminate any impurities and any remaining gas from the merging. Materials needed to assemble the individual radiating elements are of Italian production, eco-friendly and of high quality, being conform to all EU regulations.

The paints used for the finishing of radiators are non-toxic and machinery complies with the most severe emission standards.


The production plant of Prevalle (BS), is equipped with machineries of new generation which provide fully automated working cycles, constantly monitored by a control and self-diagnosis system. The automation in the production process, combined with a highly specialized technical support, allows Industrie Pasotti to obtain high quality radiators while reducing manufacturing waste.


All Pasotti radiators are characterized by a surface finish of excellent quality, that gives products an impeccable appearance and favors the thermal emission.

After eight different stages of pre-painting (treatment with anti-corrosive, passivating and degreasing products to eliminate any residue of previous processes and to prepare the surface for the next ones), the finishing step is performed with a dual-phase coating.

The first phase is carried out in a technologically advanced system of anaphoresis, which represents the only capable process to ensure the best results in protecting the metal elements and allowing an excellent penetration and adhesion of the paint on all the external and internal surfaces. The second phase, instead, is made ​​with epoxy-polyester powder paint applied with a special automatic electrostatic system. Both paints are polymerized at a temperature of 180 ° C, in order to get the best aesthetic result.

Packaging and warehouse

Pasotti radiators’ packaging consists in a protective coating of polyethylene folding wrap and the subsequent placement in a special multilayer cardboard box to preserve the product from shocks.

Packed radiators are then positioned on pallets and prepared for shipping. Each pallet is furtherly protected by cardboard corners and then wrapped in an estensible polyethylene film which ensures a perfect conservation and an easy transport of the product.

Company certifications

Since 1997 Pasotti Industries has obtained the certification of the quality management system according to the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2013 standard for the design and production of radiators, from SGS, a certification body accredited by Sincert.