Faral Radiators

Hystorical brand, well known and recognized all over the world, Faral identifies its products through quality, innovation and environmental attention.

Nowadays, we aim to avoid any waste of energy and to protect the environment we live in, aluminum radiators represent the best choice for domestic heating. Each single aluminum die-cast radiator has peculiarities that go beyond what our eyes can see.

Faral’s brand represents quality and especially know how. The brand founded in 1966 with a worldwide patent for its aluminum die cast radiators. The Company is famous for its die-cast aluminum radiators and the deep knowledge of aluminum, it distinguishes itself on the market not only for the wide range of products and the related quality, but also for its vocation towards quality and a flexible production that allows to adapt technical requests for the radiators production in the different Country where Faral exports. Faral’s radiator stand for quality, innovation and environmental protection, only Italian products offering the most intelligent choices for domestic heating.