Eco-friendly, hygienical, functional. Aluminum is the core of Faral’s offer and mainly a set of positive values in which Faral has always believed and which has promoted worldwide. With reference to domestic heating aluminum radiators represent also a choice of improving environmental quality. Choosing Faral’s radiator the consumer chooses the value of know – how and reliability certified by the pioneers of the Industry. The first existing die-cast aluminum radiator in the world was born in Faral. Recently the market has developed alternative heating systems that have become popular in recent years, such as underfloor heating, but aluminum radiators return to this challenge with numbers: lower costs of purchase and maintenance, adaptability, less energy waste. Scientific research confirms the benefits of aluminum heating radiators that have always been the core product of Faral.

It is economical not only at the time of purchase, mainly in operating costs thanks to the high thermal efficiency and flexibility of use.
Aluminum is 100% recyclable and substantially limits the energy consumption with low operating temperatures.
Low temperatures limit the air convective motions and so the dust and dirt motions on the walls.
Both on the installation mode and also on the possibility of controlling the various systems in the home.


Saving , Efficiency, Safety
Recently, the operating temperatures of heating systems decreased considerably – this happened thanks to better construction standards , more efficient insulation materials, boilers and heat pumps better performing and thanks to the wide spread of solar panels - and heating systems operate on average at temperatures around 40 - 50 ° . This scenario sees aluminum as a leader with no rivals thanks to its exceptional characteristics of heat transfer - optimized from the initial stages of the design of Faral radiators - and its instant response to changes of the fluid temperature flowing through it. For these reasons, aluminum is referred to as the best choice to reduce energy waste and to improve environmental quality. More savings mean less efficiency or safety? Nothing could be more wrong! The thermal output of Faral radiators is certified in accordance with the regulations EN 442-2 and their sealing is guaranteed with materials free of harmful compounds. Available in various styles and design, Faral radiators suit the needs of every home, integrate easily with home domotics systems, practical and easy to install. We all ask heat but the heat today goes through a smart aluminum Faral radiator, the Italian brand of reference in this field.