Bimetal is the segment of Sira modular radiators, the segment top of the range worldwide. Patented worldwide by Sira Industrie, Bimetal technology combines the advantages of steel used in the soul with the advantages of aluminum used for the external surface.

Light and sturdy, Bimetal radiators are characterized by curves and original shapes, which make them different from all others. The main strengths of the line are:

  • Innovative and exclusive design, impeccable finish.
  • Very fast start-up thanks to the reduced water content.
  • Unparalleled structural strength and consequent duration in time, to the absence of weldings and to the exclusive "o-ring" assembly system between the elements.
  • Exclusive 20-year warranty (15 for the radiator 130)
  • Absence of any form of corrosion or noise inside the radiator ducts, thanks to the special alloy steel core.
  • Safe habitability thanks to the absence of sharp edges or surfaces.

Recently, the Bimetal range has been enriched with a new patented and innovative product, the hybrid RS Twin radiator, which works with separate hot water or electricity storage systems: this is Sira Industrie's answer to the new housing needs, today linked to complementary and alternative energy sources.